The Foschini Group Induction Augmented Reality System

TFG Augmented Reality Gaming Experience


The TFG AR app is designed to guide new TFG employees around their new workplace.

The app uses trigger based Augmented Reality. The triggers are placed around the building, each of which will have information about the room it is in. The core idea of the app is to teach the new employees the locations of all the different departments and what the different departments are responsible for. The new employees must scan each trigger to progress through the app.

Augment Reality is a technology that can be used in many different ways. The main reason AR was used for this project is because of it’s navigation qualities. AR is the best way to have an app guide a new employee around the building.

TFG AR Journey

The app starts off with a welcome trigger that introduces the employee to AR and the induction. By means of voice recordings and videos.

The employees are then guided to a trigger that gives them a 3D floor plan of the TFG building which has pins showing the different areas of the floor and what they are used for.

They are then guided to the different departments of the floor where they will find a trigger for each. Each trigger they find will have different information that pops up and tells them about the specific department.

Most of the trigger include some sort of interactivity and voice recordings.Once they have completed the floor they must go to the check in scan trigger. There the app will check to see if the employee has completed all the scans on the floor. If all the scans are completed the employee is instructed to move on to the next floor.

This process continues over the three floors of the TFG building. The employee will find some scans that give different information and other scans that test what the employee has learned.

Once the employees are done with all the floors they are guided to a gallery room where there are more triggers that have general information about TFG.Finishing the induction the employees will definitely have a better understanding of the TFG building and it’s different departments.