Our Value Proposition

MetaLabs Africa’s Team and Talent have all the Design, Storytelling, Marketing, Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality experiences in the Metaverse to be able to execute high-quality NFT experiences. We work with the Brand, Company, Artist or Celebrity on the most effective and results-driven way to deliver an NFT experience.

We use NFTs to unlock real value for brands and their communities. We know the Collector is a Brand’s Most Loyal Consumer, the Community is a Brand’s Most Powerful Platform.

We understand how this new distributed model can monetize digital media points to the future of digital marketing. We will continue to explore the ways NFTs continue to garner mainstream attention and for brands, this is an opportunity to generate additional revenues and engage with a core fan base by creating exclusive experiences:

NFT technology can provide a new user experience and help increase brand awareness and affinity. Mobile advertising campaigns that use NFTs can be distributed programmatically across various digital platforms.

Brands can use NFT technology to provide personalized gifts, vouchers, rewards, loyalty programs or more to their customers. Brands can monetize ads multiple times over by turning them into NFTs; they can further their equity via storytelling and collectable assets or create a buzz in the lead-up to events and product launches via early access tokens.

NFTs open up a whole new revenue stream for brands by selling goods in purely digital form or as a complement to a physical offering. NFTs can also be used to collect data or reward crowdfunding. Brands can also use proceeds from NFTs and donate them to charity. Not only is this an excellent way to instil a brand as a valuable asset to the community; it’s an essential strategy for attracting today’s consumers.