Our Team

Our Team

Tyrone Rubin – CEO

Tyrone has been involved in various forms of Media and Technology such as Film, Commercials VR, AR, Web, E-commerce and more recently NFTs. He has worked with a range of big brands such as Google, ABSA, Bayer, Adidas and many others.

Brendan Louw – Creator

Creative with a decade of photography expertise and professionally specialized in VR productions and projects. He has also sold some of his private work as NFTs, on Rarible and OpenSea.

Landi Ania – Designer

Landi is a qualified graphic designer with ten years industry experience, and lots of big projects for big brands in her portfolio. She speaks fluent motion, graphics, art, animation, web, social media, crypto and NFT’s, so one could call her a Master of the Metaverse.